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A Tale of Two Clinics: San Diego Summer Clinics Featured in USATF Track Coach Magazine!

In Summer, 2019, Economics Athletes partnered with USATF San Diego, Del Norte High School, and over a dozen top San Diego running and health experts to host a series of four clinics.

The clinics were featured in the Spring 2020 edition of Track Coach Magazine, the official technical publication of USA Track & Field. This is a huge honor, as the magazine is digitally distributed to track coaches around the country. We are hopeful that sports coaches and health professionals will benefit from hearing about how these clinics were conducted, and offer similar opportunities to their communities!

Here are the articles with summaries of each of the clinics:

If you are a track & field coach, sports coach, health professional, or otherwise interested in hosting similar clinics, feel free to email and we are happy to provide you with guidance, lessons learned, and some of the materials from the clinics upon request.

Below is the article from Track Coach Magazine for your reading pleasure.


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